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Digital Marketing Tech

North Austin, Texas, United States

We're looking for a task-oriented, problem-solving Internet Marketing Technician (IMT) to join the Volacci team. Do you have an Internet-, marketing-, or communications-related degree? Have you ever done SEO before? Are you familiar with the Drupal CMS? Are you an excellent writer and communicator? If you answered "yes" to any of these, we want to hear from you.  

You will be working on 10-20 client projects at any given time, so you must keep things organized and documented. You will be the primary technical lead on these projects -- tracking industry trends, tips and SEO elements to increase traffic to your clients' websites.   You will be thoroughly trained and have access to our complete digital marketing system. Everyone is super friendly, loves Volacci and wants to get you up to speed. Our team is truly invested in and passionate about Digital marketing and Drupal industry, and we want you to be also! We will do what it takes to make that happen.  

At your fingertips are some great resources for doing your job well. These are:

A Volacci-customized, state-of-the-art tracking, ranking, reporting and Analytics program. A one-stop shop for all information related to your clients, so nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Basecamp project management for increased organization, task lists and internal and external communication.
  • Macbook - we are 100% Mac
  • Tenured Digital Marketing team who are both accessible and knowledgeable about all things Digital Marketing related and will spend regular training time with you.
  • Other techs who know exactly how to do the job well and want you to succeed. You will not be competing with your coworkers. Accounts are divided and everyone helps everyone.   

Your Personality:

  • Focused
  • Driven to succeed.
  • Love to dig into the numbers to get the facts and make decisions.
  • Obsessed with technology. You know HTML, keep up with trends, geek out about gadgets.

  • Attention to tasks at hand without losing the big picture. Cool under pressure.
  • You love to try things side-by-side to see which one is better.
  • Scientific - you like to know why.
  • You're an avid reader.

Your Skills:

  • Sets and meets deadlines.

  • Task-driven. Checking things off makes you happy.

  • Organized.
  • A spreadsheet junkie. You know who you are.
  • Knows the Google interface (Gmail, G+, Calendar, Reader), and how to search for things.
  • Mac expert
  • Able to keep multiple balls in the air at once.

  • Quick learner.  
  • Drupal experience a plus.

Your Qualifications:

  • Desire to build a long-term career with us.
  • A bachelors degree or 4 years of technical and/or marketing work experience.